Arto Peceto


Mere end bare en lys idé



Shop | Mariendalsvej 32B. 2000 Frederiksberg | M: 25 77 77 52 | CVR. nr. 34291357



You know all those things, You've always wanted to do?

- You should go DO THEM!


I guess it was time for me.. Time to put some ideas onto the canvas.. Or actually, into the making of lamps and interior design.


I started making lamps of "junk" materials, about 10 years ago.


Being lectured by my Father, that you are always able to MacGyver yourself out of situations where you needed that little thingy, that you just can't find anywhere (or don't have time to find) has shown to been ever helpful.


Recycling seems quite easy when having a vivid imagination,

so I just went ahead and did it.


In 2012 I opened my own business making lamps of pipes and fittings, and of course, one idea gives birth to other ideas, and now I make lamps, beds, bookshelfs, tables and funny figures.. The possibilities are endless :)


Have a look around, and if you have any special requests, write me an E-mail: or visit me in the shop.


Whatever you do...